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Halloween Photos

Haven't posted photos here in quite a while, but I realized I never posted these shots from the Friday before Halloween. Shot at our place before we headed out dancing.

A Graphic Novel, and Edward Scissorhands.

Friends on Halloween

Friends on Halloween
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Ah, flickr.

The Museum of Science and Industry - formerly the Palace of Fine Arts at the 1893 Worlds Fair.

A few trees have grown in, and a few statues are missing, but its essentially the same 116 years later.

Available here.

The modern digital version:


Some huge resources are putting their collections on flickr, with no known copyright on many. Like the Smithsonian, Field Museum, Library of Congress, New York Public Library, and some more links here. Many of the photos are up only within the last few months. Fascinating to look through, and a great design resource too.


This is a duplicate post from my new journal. For anybody on livejournal who liked my photos, I've moved my photography journal over to:

You can follow them if you're on blogger/blogspot, on most readers through feedburner, or you can add the feed as a LJ friend to see them show up here. They're also all linking from flickr.

Thanks much to everyone who has commented and/or liked my photos over the last few years. I've received many compliments, and they certainly help with the motivation to keep pushing the boundaries of my skill set. I always appreciate any feedback you may have.

This journal will remain for more personal use. Thanks.

- Rob
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FYI - photos are moving.

For those on LJ who like my photos, I've split up locations.

My professional design and photography work will be moving over to blogspot.

A RSS feed is available to view it in any reader, or here on LJ.

This journal will remain for my... other projects. Most of my posts will likely be filtered.

Speaking of, listening to Praga Khan is making me want to finally get to photos for this journal...
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I've been trying a bunch of new things lately, and in that process I've been spending a bunch of time researching new photoshop techniques. Always more to learn, there is. Toss in a few of my own methods, and I'm really liking what i've been coming up with.

This was a 60° day a few weeks back, and all of the ice was breaking up. It was a great day to get out for a ride. It should be back up to the 60's next week, and I want to ride and get a lot more photos.

Below: 3 RAW photos, merged, pretty heavily edited.


I think I have enough other shots to stitch together a panoramic from this same spot. Hmmm.
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lakefront in the fog

Last friday in the fog, I went out for about 2 hours taking pictures along the lakefront. Actually brought along a tripod this time, so I redid some photos I took a few years ago that I really liked, but now I have multiple aligned exposures to play with.

These are some others that I took.

3 exposures combined


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